Submission notice

The submission of „oral” presentations is CLOSED since 31.01.2020. 

The submission of poster contributions has been extended and is still possible until 09.02.2020. When submitting an abstract for a “poster” presentation please choose ONE Topic from the listed research areas which fits best to your abstract´s contents.

Deadline for abstract submission for “poster” presentation is 09.02.2020.

  • affinity mass spectrometry
  • environmental and forensic mass spectrometry
  • instrumentation – ion sources and analyzers
  • instrumentation – new developments
  • instrumentation and application of MS imaging
  • ion physics and ion chemistry – basic research
  • ion physics and ion chemistry – applications
  • lipidomics: techniques and applications
  • ICP-MS user’s meeting: elemental imaging
  • ICP-MS user’s meeting: analysis of nanomaterial
  • ICP-MS user’s meeting: element and speciation analysis / metallomics
  • ICP-MS user’s meeting: isotope dilution analysis
  • ICP-MS user’s meeting: stable isotopes and forensic analyses
  • ICP-MS user’s meeting: instrumental development
  • ICP-MS user’s meeting: sample preparation and introduction
  • ICP-MS user’s meeting: solid sample analysis
  • ICP-MS user’s meeting: geological and environmental sciences
  • ICP-MS user’s meeting: quality assurance and reference materials
  • ICP-MS user’s meeting: others

  • mass spectrometry in physics
  • metabolomics: techniques and applications
  • natural product mass spectrometry
  • proteome analysis – basic research
  • proteome research – applications in biology and biochemistry
  • proteome research – clinical applications
  • structural and functional proteomics
  • others